Emugu transforms technologies and solutions for a better living.

Americans spend over 120 billion minutes on social media each month. That is over 6.5 hours per person, or altogether 230,000 years each month! But it has only bombarded our senses with more noise and advertising that complicate and clutter our lives.

Emugu provides a healthier lifestyle through technologies and solutions that enirich through simplification and decluttering.

Humanize Social

Emugu is a simple, private, and personal social network.

  • Build your community of close friends, family, support groups, or fan clubs.
  • Express real sentiments.
  • Build stronger support groups.
  • Live heathier and happier.

Sentiment Insight

Emugu gives vital insights to effectively support your health and support programs.

  • Gain emotional insights.
  • Connect with members.
  • Promote healthier living.
  • Improve quality of life.

Sentiment Integration

Emugu sentiment polls capture user experience and sentiment about your product or service.

  • Get real insight on your customers' experience.
  • Sentiment polls protect privacy.
  • Integrate for free on your website.

Block Advertising

Declutter your mind. Stop un-wanted advertising that bombard your senses, and slow down your online browsing experience. Simplify.

  • Block annoying ads from agencies.
  • Simplify online navigation.
  • Improve speed and stability.
  • Live heathier and happier.