Express More Than Just 'Like' on Emugu, the New Emotion-based Social Network

December 30th, 2014

Los Altos, CA -- Dec 30, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Silicon Valley-based start-up, Emugu, launched its social networking platform with the mission to change how we socialize online. With its slogan "Express more than just "like'", it encourages users to express their feelings, publicly or privately, just like in real life. We don't always express the same sentiments towards everyone - with some, we share our happiness, while with others our sorrow, sympathy or excitement. Real life is complex, and Emugu is transforming digital social interactions online by capturing these real-life subtleties in its social network.

"We want to make Emugu a positive and beneficial experience for our users and community", says Imran Tusneem, president of Emugu Corporation. "We have released a win-win-win offering for our users so they can earn for themselves and benefit humanitarian causes while socializing." Users can host their own ads on their page, and a percentage of the company's revenue will go to a humanitarian cause. Unlike some social networks that sell users' personal information to marketing/advertising firms, Emugu ensures any ads shown are not based on any personal information that may be posted on Emugu. "Our users' personal data on Emugu is secure and not for sale," said Tusneem.

Emugu rewards its users for engaging in social interactions with their friends and social groups through its points system. Users can redeem their points for digital goods, like special eye-catching announcements, mood packs, and more.

Emugu also works with partners to promote and encourage positive social interactions, health, and fitness - from buying flowers, practicing yoga, to playing sports - which people can gift to their loved ones and friends at special promotional rates, while also benefiting charitable causes that target poverty, improving education, and eradicating disease, as a percentage of the sales will be donated.

"Many social platforms are used for popularity contests, providing "15-minutes of fame" or bragging rights, instead of focusing on what people really want. That is, people want to be free to express what they want and how they feel without the fear that what they post may be used against them or sold to advertisers. They don't want their personal privacy invaded, nor their ability to express themselves limited," said Tusneem.


Emugu Corporation is driving to change the face of social networking by bridging the gap between real-life and digital interactions. Its social networking site is accessible at http://www.emugu.com or through its mobile apps on Google Play and the App Store. Emugu is a privately held company which was founded in October 2014 by Silicon Valley-based Imran and Tracy Tusneem, both veterans of the software industry whose careers have included working at enterprise software companies such as HP, Mercury Interactive, SAP, Oracle, and Sybase. More information about Emugu is available at http://www.emugu.com.