Emugu Launches Mood Map to Show Emotional Contagion Geographically Around the World

February 17th, 2015

Los Altos, CA -- Feb 17, 2015 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Have you ever wondered how people around you feel, how events or news is affecting them, or why their mood may have suddenly changed? Maybe it was something you said or didn't say, or perhaps it was based on something they had just heard. Have you said something while in the "moment", just to realize that maybe it was a little insensitive or the timing was off. If you only knew, maybe you would have been more understanding, empathetic, or would have acted differently.

Emotional cues in face-to-face conversations are often missing in most digital messaging mediums. However, Emugu, the emotion-based social network, is all about giving emotion-based responses to address this gap. It has taken this concept to the next level by providing anonymous geographic mapping of sentiments of your friends and their circles. The visual mapping feature allows people to quickly visualize how their network feels on the world map, and if there is emotional contagion due to some local, regional, or personal events in their network that you may not be aware of.

Emotional contagion occurs when we mimic the emotional state of another, and this emotion is spread within and beyond our circles. Studies have shown it may actually be beneficial to personal relationships because it fosters empathy or synchronicity between individuals, a trait that many have often criticized as lacking in most other social media platforms.

"The Mood Map helps individuals become more aware and sensitive to the emotions of their network and consequently foster more empathy." stated Imran Tusneem, president of Emugu Corporation. The feature only shows the moods of people who voluntarily set their location. It does not reveal the person behind the emotion on the geographic map, keeping privacy still at the forefront.

Emugu's Mood Map provides emotional aperture, allowing users to perceive the broader patterns of shared emotions of social groups they belong to. This helps to facilitate interactions either online or offline with not just individuals but also groups of people with which they can relate or have something in common.


Emugu Corporation is driving to change the face of social networking by bridging the gap between real-life and digital interactions. Its social networking site is accessible at http://www.emugu.com or through its mobile apps on Google Play and the App Store. Emugu is a privately held company which was founded in October 2014 by Silicon Valley-based Imran and Tracy Tusneem, both veterans of the software industry whose careers have included working at enterprise software companies such as HP, Mercury Interactive, SAP, Oracle, and Sybase. More information about Emugu is available at http://www.emugu.com.